Sports Chiropractic

Chiropractic Sports Physician

Sport specific treatment and rehab for acute injury and to prevent injury
Optimizes function of the body for optimum performance
Integrates and works with other health care practitioners
Faster recovery from injury- return to play guidelines/criteria
Care that extends beyond spinal adjustments to include treatment of muscle, joint, and connective tissue
Currently works with Montgomery Co. High School Wrestling Team
100 hours of post graduate classroom education

10 Things You Should Know About Certified Sports Chiropractors

1. Possess specialized knowledge of sports injuries and physical fitness
2. Are experts in the function of the body during movement, from high-level athletics to everyday activities
3. Can help optimize athletic performance by applying an advanced understanding of musculoskeletal function and performance enhancement
4. Offer individualized care that extends beyond spinal adjustment to include direct treatment of muscles, joints and connective tissues
5. Focus on total body wellness and reaching optimal functioning, not just reducing pain
6. Are immersed in the latest sports medicine research, trends and treatment techniques
7. Can integrate seamlessly with other healthcare practitioners to optimize your medical care
8. Are passionate proponents of physical fitness and skilled sports medicine practitioners
9. Will help you achieve YOUR peak performance with a breadth and depth of knowledge found only with their specific training
10. Comprise the top tier of the chiropractic profession


  • Faster recovery from injury—get back to play sooner
  • Access to a wider range of treatment tools
  • Expertise in high-performance athletics and preventive strategies
  • Guidance for athletic training
  • Sports nutrition consulting
  • Individualized treatment
  • Sports-specific treatment and preventive exercises
  • Ability to integrate treatment with training


  • Faster evaluation of injury or pain source
  • Reduced treatment duration; less visits
  • Corrective exercises to prevent injuries
  • Holistic approach wellness model
  • Take advantage of the latest

Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician®

The CCSP certification requires post-graduate education in chiropractic sports medicine or a closely related discipline. Licensed doctors of chiropractic who satisfy one of the following, and are able to provide official documentation demonstrating such, are eligible to take the CCSP examination.

  • Completed a minimum of 100 hours of postgraduate education in the Certified Chiropractic Sports Physicians® program from an accredited chiropractic college.
  • Possess a current Athletic Trainer (ATC) Certification
  • Completed a Masters of Science (MS) program in exercise and sport science or equivalent program from an accredited college
  • Completed the first year of a sports medicine residency program with an accredited college

All candidates must have completed a hands-on emergency procedures course and a healthcare-provider level CPR certification course with a hands-on component as part of their program or study or in addition to their program. Online CPR courses that do not include a live, practical component are not acceptable. Candidates must provide documentation of successful completion of both courses prior to sitting for the exam. The CPR certification must be valid on the exam date.

Once these requirements are met the doctor may submit application to the ACBSP national office to take the CCSP written exam. The exam consists of 250 multiple-choice questions and is administered in two parts on the same day. The entire exam including the instruction period and mid-exam break is typically scheduled for a five-hour.

CCSP certification candidates may attempt the exam up to three times and must pass the exam within three years of the date of completion of the qualifying post-graduate education program.