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An independent medical examination (IME) occurs when a doctor/chiropractor/psychologist/neuropsychologist who has not previously been involved in a person’s care examines an individual. There is no doctor/therapist-patient relationship. If you think the only goal of the IME doctor is to give the insurer a reason to deny the claim and refuse payment please read on.

IMEs may be conducted to determine the cause, extent and medical treatment of a work-related or other injury where liability is at issue; whether an individual has reached maximum benefit from treatment; and whether any permanent impairment remains after treatment. An IME may be conducted at the behest of an attorney, employer or an insurance carrier to obtain an independent opinion of the clinical status of the individual. Workers' compensation insurance carriers, auto insurance carriers, and self-insured employers have a legal right to this request. Dr. Linton is certified to perform IMEs through the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners.

Dr. Linton is also licensed through the State of Kentucky to perform peer reviews on other chiropractors records, which allows him to comment on both medically necessary and unnecessary treatment. For Workers' compensation or auto insurance carriers, Dr. Linton will provide fair and defendable reviews. For patients and attorneys, Dr. Linton can help write the rebuttal for unfair IMEs and peer reviews.

Dr. Linton has been certified to perform Impairment Ratings utilizing the AMA Guides to the Evaluation and Permanent Impairment, Fifth Edition, by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education joint sponsorship with the American College of Disability Medicine, American Board of Independent Medical Examiners, and Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine. The impairment rating is an important factor in both Workers' compensation and auto insurance settlements.


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